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Fact: The Average Person Pays $50 Per Hour for Dog Training

... I'd Like to Offer you 30 Days Worth of Training for That Price

Instill Long-Lasting, Good Habits Into Your Puppy in 30 Days

If enroll in this course today, 30 days from now your puppy will ...

  • Love her crate and enter it willingly, which will make all your future training efforts (and sleeping efforts) much easier

  • Understand she needs to go potty outside and stops leaving surprise messes on your floor

  • Stop biting you or your family when she plays, this will make playtime so much more comfortable for you 

  • Stop jumping on you, your family or your guests and instead learn to patiently wait for attention

  • Look at you on command, which is useful when you want your puppy to focus on you instead of distractions

  • Leave objects on the ground and wait for your command to pick it up. This is perfect for preventing your puppy from picking up something dangerous or valuable

  • Drop an object she has picked up, a valuable backup command if you couldn't issue the "leave it" command in time  

  • Sit on command, which is a terrific way to reset behavior if she is getting out-of-line. Plus, she will instinctively sit whenever she wants something from you

  • Lie down on command, which will let your puppy know when it is time to relax

  • Go to a specific spot and stay there until you tell her she can leave. This is perfect for controlling almost every situation ... especially when someone rings the doorbell

  • "Come When Called" which ensures your puppy will come to you when you call her so you can divert bad behavior by calling her back to you 

  • Loose leash walking, which will stop her from yanking her leash and pulling you in all directions on walks. This can make walks SO much easier with your puppy 

About Me

    Andrea Thuringer

    Certified Professional Dog Trainer

    Andrea has been a dog trainer for 10 years. She's studied applied animal behavior at the University of Washington. She's worked with dogs at Humane Societies of Arizona and Kentucky and trained them for a national-doggy daycare company and independently in her hometown of Tempe, Arizona

This is an Online Dog Training Course

I'll be direct, to the point and short: This is not in-person training and I believe that is a great thing for you. 

Sure, online training may not be for everyone, which is why many are willing to pay $50 an hour or more to a local trainer to train their puppy.

It's not that this is a bad decision, I'm sure those trainers do a fine job, but you can actually do a really good job yourself if you have the right guidance.

That's what I am here to offer you today. One of the benefits to online training is you have access to my pre-recorded videos and written guides. This means you can re-play the videos and re-read the guides as many times as you need to review.

One of the downsides to in-person training is that you'll need to remember as much as you can of what you were shown in person. With in-person training, you usually need to schedule and pay for more training sessions in order to review what you learned.

I highly recommend that you take my course and use the money you save to take your puppy to in-person socialization classes, which is just as important to your puppy's development and is not something you can do online. 

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    If for any reason you are unsatisfied with my course, I will gladly refund your money within 7 days of your purchase without any questions asked. 

Online training from a certified, professional dog trainer

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