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Learn the 7 Simple Steps to Potty Train Your Puppy Quickly

This guide will show you ...

  • How to get your puppy to associate "outdoors" with "potty"

  • How you can spot when your puppy is thinking about going potty inside

  • How to prevent your puppy from identifying certain rooms in your home as "potty rooms"

  • What you absolutely must do if your puppy does have an accident inside

  • How to potty train without force or punishment

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    About the Author

      Andrea Thuringer

      Certified Professional Dog Trainer

      Andrea has been a dog trainer for 10 years. She's studied applied animal behavior at the University of Washington. She's worked with dogs at Humane Societies of Arizona and Kentucky and trained them for a national-doggy daycare company and independently in her hometown of Tempe, Arizona

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