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What If You Never Had to Punish or Yell at Your Dog Again?

Let me introduce you to the training method I’ve used for over a decade to teach obedience to dogs without ever having to resort to punishment. The techniques I use are easy-to-follow and by using them not only will you enjoy a well-behaved dog but you’ll also develop a deeper connection with them.

Enroll today and your puppy will be able to 

Look at you on command

This is a great tactic for regaining control over a situation by diverting her attention if she’s about to do something naughty.

Leave anything on the ground on command

This is great if you want to stop her from picking up something dangerous or valuable. This is very valuable on walks!

Drop a dangerous or valuable item she has in her mouth

This is perfect if you weren’t able to issue the “leave it” command in time and are worried about her swallowing something she shouldn't. 

Sit on command AND offer up a sit to you whenever she wants anything

This is a great way to reset her behavior if she is getting out-of-line and can help you avoid having to discipline her.

Lie down on command

An even more efficient way to reset behavior and let your her know it’s time to relax​ ... plus this can give you a much needed break as well. 

Stay in one spot and wait for your command to leave that spot

Perfect for controlling almost any situation and putting you back in charge.

Sit when you have guests and wait to be pet

So you can stop worrying about your puppy being too excited and start enjoying company again.

Come to you when you call them

So you can divert any impulsive behavior by calling her back to you.

Walk without yanking on the leash and pulling you in all directions​

So you can enjoy calmer and happier walks with your golden.


How am I able to offer such affordable pricing?

I've been a dog trainer for over 10 years.

About 5 years ago, I started filming my training sessions so I could send them, along with written guides, to my clients. I did this to help them practice with their dogs in between training sessions.

My clients found this extremely helpful, and I soon realized that most of them were more than capable of training their dogs themselves using these guides.

You see, if you know what to do, no one is a better dog trainer for your dog than you.

So I recently took all the techniques I've used in my career and built and launched the BetterPuppy Online Obedience Training course. Inside of it you will find videos, written guides and practice schedules that will allow you to effectively train your dog at home.

These classes are really easy-to-follow, and they are a lot of fun too. I’m confident you will love working with your dog yourself.

In the past, I would typically charge $150-$200 over the course of 6 weeks for my services. This is actually quite a bit lower than the national average for a dog trainer (which is $50/hour, so you'd probably be paying $300+ for something similar). 

But since I can share all these techniques with you online, I am able to drastically reduce the cost to you.

That's why I'm able to offer you access to all my training techniques for just $49!

If you're ready to improving your dog’s behavior, you’ll get access to my easy-to-follow positive reinforcement training techniques as soon as you sign up.

Or if you have a couple hundred extra bucks to spare, you can see when a dog trainer near you might be willing to start.

Whatever you decide, I sincerely hope for the best for you and your dog. There’s nothing better than a well-behaved dog you have a strong bond with.


Andrea Thuringer


Ready to Have a Well-Behaved Puppy?

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