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Improve Behavior 

Daily practice of meditation can improve your memory and mental clarity.

Develop Obedience

Meditation is a natural remedy that offers a better night's sleep.

Build a Better Bond

Have greater control over your thoughts, feelings, and impulses.

Do you feel sad, lost and confused?

I know what you're going through. You've got this new puppy and you're trying to get her to behave, but nothing works.

She's so full of energy and enthusiasm but is incredibly difficult to control. It has become abundantly clear: she's just not listening to you and it seems like she never will. I know the feelings that come with this all too well:





Instead of focusing on what you don't want your puppy to do, reward them for what you do want them to do 

For the last 10 years this has been the key cornerstone to my success training puppies. 

This method is proven. There have been numerous academic studies that have shown its effectiveness. (I've linked them a little further down this page). 

This method has never been easier to follow or implement if you become a BetterPuppy member. All members get lifetime access to videos, written guides and practice schedules for one small fee. 

Become a member today and your puppy will be able to ...

Look at you on command

This is a great tactic for regaining control over a situation by diverting her attention if she’s about to do something naughty.

Leave anything on the ground on command

This is great if you want to stop her from picking up something dangerous or valuable. This is very valuable on walks!

Drop a dangerous or valuable item she has in her mouth

This is perfect if you weren’t able to issue the “leave it” command in time and are worried about her swallowing something she shouldn't. 

Sit on command AND offer up a sit to you whenever she wants anything

This is a great way to reset her behavior if she is getting out-of-line and can help you avoid having to discipline her.

Lie down on command

An even more efficient way to reset behavior and let your her know it’s time to relax​ ... plus this can give you a much needed break as well. 

Stay in one spot and wait for your command to leave that spot

Perfect for controlling almost any situation and putting you back in charge.

Sit when you have guests and wait to be pet

So you can stop worrying about your puppy being too excited and start enjoying company again.

Come to you when you call them

So you can divert any impulsive behavior by calling her back to you.

Walk without yanking on the leash and pulling you in all directions​

So you can enjoy calmer and happier walks with your golden.

The Best Puppy Training Deal You'll Find.

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    This Method Works!

    It's been proven in numerous, academic research studies and real-life situations

    After (we) switched to positive reinforcement training they saw their pass rate almost double from 45% to 80%

    Guide Dogs for the Blind

    Dogs trained using positive reinforcement were less likely to show aggression and fear

    Dr. Emily Blackwell, Senior Lecturer in Animal Behavior at Bristol Veterinary School

    Those working with or handling dogs should rely on positive reinforcement training techniques and avoid punishment as much as possible

    The Journal of Veterinary Behavior


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